About us

The existence of the company started in 1993 when a sole proprietor "Laima" was founded. Second-hand cars transport and sales were the main activities of the company at that time.

In 2003, following the goals set to achieve effective and dynamic growth and to prepare for entering a common EU market, former sole proprietor "Laima" was reorganized into a private limited company "Vitlaima". Since then "Vitlaima" has been providing transport services of new finished vehicles as well second-hands either locally or internationally.

Currently company runs 50 car-carriers and 3 jumbo motor-vehicle trains with a capacity of 120 cubic metres. The fleet of the company fully conforms E3, E4 emissions and other road regulations of the EU. All vehicles are equiped with GSM network, GPS and transmitters enabling continuous on-line tracing.

"Vitlaima" is a member of the Lithuanian national vehicle transporting association (LINAVA) and TIR system. All the loads being transported are insured CMR value 300000€.

The staff of the company comprises of over 80 employees. Whether you are well skilled expert or inexperienced but initiative person, "Vitlaima" always awaits and welcomes you to join its team.

According to the wide spectrum of our business area covering all EU countries, Russia, the Ukraine or Balkans we have gained immeasurable experience in the car-transport and we know-how to transform it into a high added-value competitive services.

For more than a decade we have been moving forward along with confidence, safety and responsiveness. For this reason we recommendly announce: Move ahead together!